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Biomedical Line of Ultrasonic Cleaners Ensure Medical Instrument Cleanliness with Ultrasonics.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Zag Ultrasonic offers P-M program for your ultrasonic cleaning machine to insure quality and high efficiency running all time which will help to reduce the cost of repairs and down times.

Evolution service

We offer ( FREE OF CHARGE ) evaluation service for your ultrasonic instrument cleaning machine To ensure that your ultrasonic machine is working at maximum efficiency , there for , we provide you full report about all the operations.

Biomedical Cleaning Systems

Biomedical Line of Cleaners. From cost-effective benchtop cleaners to state-of-the-art consoles with endoscopic instrument flushing capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimum Cleaning Power

  • Automatic Lid and Tray Elevator

  • Large Capacity Tanks: 11 gal., 15 gal., and 20 gal.
  • Automatic Drain Alert
  • Push Button Drain
  • Toe-Touch Control
  • Safety Interlock and Controls
  • Front and Side Service Access Doors
  • Endoscopic Instrument Flushing System (Standard)

UZ-2610H 7gallon benchtop powersonic, widely used in medical surgical instruments clean, futures sweep frequency 45 khz, timer, heat, basket, cover available in digital control, and different sizes.

UCS – Model 1522 – Double Basin Floor Model

The console model basket can easily connect up to 8 da Vinci ® or da Vinci S ® robotic instruments in a single load.

Ultra Clean Systems – Sanizyme

Unlike our competitors, our ultrasonic cleaning systems save you time and money!

Cleaner, faster, better! Ultra Clean Systems – Detergents Detergents

Our enzymatic cleaners (this can link to the detergents on the accessories page) work overtime for you to get the most out of your ultrasonic cleaning machine. Through the use of triple mixture of the enzymes protease, amylase, and lipase our concentrated (SaniZyme) and super-concentrated (SteriZyme) act as powerful detergents to remove infectious contaminants during the cleaning cycle.

These detergents:

  • Are chelated to form a seal around instruments, preventing contact with minerals naturally found in water.

  • Begin to loosen harmful deposits in just one minute, virtually eliminating the need to hand scrub instruments.
Ultra Clean Systems


Finally, a superior 3 enzyme detergent for all of your SPD cleaning needs and at the lowest price in the industry! SaniZymes proprietary blend is ideal for even the most complex orthopedic, laparoscopic, and robotic instruments and the most delicate ophthalmic and microsurgical equipment too.

SaniZyme Ph neutral formula safely removes blood, fat, starches, and protein from:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Corrugated Tubing

in as little as 90 seconds!